Winner of assessment competition January 2014

Congratulations to all of the winners and honorable mentions.


Allripe now provides individual channels to users. If you upload an assessment it will appear under your channel. You make the assessment public or can keep it private using the privacy setting. Click the link below to view your own channel.

If you login you can see your name on the top-right corner of navigation bar. Click your name and there will an option "Your Channel"

In a few easy steps you will have a food assessment and your very own food channel.

  • Register on
  • Login with your username and password
  • Then select upload
  • Type what you experience of the fruit or vegetable
  • Include photos and/or video(remember to only include your own original images)

You can also type a sentence about your food and set a page you would like to link to.

Your own food channel ?

Showcase your food assessments, link to your social media pages, blogs or website.

Have your say on the future of food.

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Some Channels

View the featured channels and see how they have organized their information and uploaded assessments

Winners for "How do you SENSE food?"

1st most popular: Yvi Balberona

2nd most popular: Teresita Casas

3rd most popular: Farhat Jahan

1st judge's pick: Hermz Lar

2nd judge's pick: Edgar V Zerna

3rd judge's pick: Jean Telen

Honorable mentions:

Indah Mulfihatin, Farhat Sherazi, Susan Telen, Eiram Sicnarf, Hermz Lar, Rosalie Jardinero Marqueses, Rustin Momogi, SOo-Jie Guadilla, Tahmina Khuku, Risa Harmany, Vky Sy, Marjorie Emiliano, Nazma Ali, Nico Onesymus, Sofy Hidayati, Analyn P. Mabual, Rina Yuswita, Chuleeponn Wichinrojjarun, Hayatoen Badri, Edna Castillo, Vincentia Vfp, Shafeena Shab, Citra Indri Sulistyowati, Kath Mira Casalinas, Ruby Alag Recopelacion, Teresita Moreno, Fendi Indokretek, Sweetyjane Hernandez, Nur Rohmah