Herbs in season

20 Oct 2013 06.07 am by Renny Wijeyamohan

The balcony herb garden is a staple of the dabbling organic grower. Many are humble, with herbs residing in an old garden pot, while others like this, made from an old shoe closet organiser, are innovative, space saving and impressive.


Herbs are a great introductory space to exercise a green thumb. They typically require less tending than fruits and vegetables and are easy to integrate into your everyday cooking. Feel like Italian? Than go with a bit of basil and oregano. Thinking Asian for dinner? Try herbs like coriander, lemongrass or mint.  Some other classic herbs are parsley, sage and thyme – great flavouring for a diverse offering of meals.


Now that you’ve worked out what you want to grow, how do you work out when to grow it? Russell Von Kraayenburg of has made the job a little easier with his handy and functional guide to when herbs are in season. The Texan food photographer and media enthusiast’s guides are large, glossy and striking and are available in poster form.


If you’re not from the Northern Hemisphere you’ll notice that the months in the guide won’t apply to you. Don’t worry the guide still works – just ignore the months and focus on the seasons.


For more guides by Russell Von Kraayenburg check out on what fruits are in season and what vegetables are in season. The posters are available for purchase from


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