Vegetables in season

20 Oct 2013 06.09 am by Renny Wijeyamohan

Knowing the A-Z of vegetables and when it’s best to plant, grow and harvest is a real feat of memory. The horticulturalist’s knowledge – developed over years of growth cycles and a healthy dose of trial error – can seem a little arcane (not to mention daunting) to the uninitiated. 


How then do you know what’s in season at your supermarket or grocery store if you prefer to buy fresh produce? Or if you have a greener thumb, how do you know which vegetables to cultivate when? 


That’s where Russel Von Kraayenburg steps in. The Texan photographer, foodie and media enthusiast has produced a series of guides to when vegetables are in season at The guides come in poster form and are large, beautifully illustrated and glossy – and, if you have some spare wall space in your kitchen, they could be a functional addition to your home.


The guide was created for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, but don’t fret if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere – you can still use the guide just focus on the seasons and ignore the months. 


For more guides by Russell Von Kraayenburg check out on what fruits are in season and what herbs are in season. The posters are available for purchase from



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