Fruits in season

20 Oct 2013 06.08 am by Renny Wijeyamohan

“Fresh is best” has long been the catch cry of organic gardeners, nutritional experts, celebrity chefs and health gurus. But how do you know what is fresh when? Unless you’re a seasoned grower, the presence of fruit all year round at your local supermarket could lead you to think that all fruit is in season all the time. This is true in a way – since when it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Meaning that if you live above the equator you will still see summer fruits from down South at the grocery store. It just means that that fruit will be snap frozen at the time it’s picked and will have travelled through a complex international distribution route on its way to your kitchen table.


Sidestepping the debate on whether fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables are better, it’s a little difficult for novice shoppers and growers to know what is fresh and in season. That’s why Texan foodie Russell Van Kraayenburg has launched a series of functional and beautifully illustrated posters of what fruits are in season at


If you’re not from the Northern Hemisphere – you can still use the guide just focus on the seasons and ignore the months. 


For more guides by Russell Von Kraayenburg check out what vegetables are in season and what herbs are in season. The posters are available for purchase from


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