by Rose Montano in Philippines
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What you see
Round purple shell, with a deep-reddish inner rind housing soft white flesh covered seeds, arranged like garlic heads.
Hard enough to hear a knock when fruit was tapped on wood..
When open the fragrant flesh permeates a ripened sweetness
Flesh surrounding each seed is sweet & tangy at the same time, juicy & fibrous yet so delicious. Pulp seems to melt in my mouth.
Hard & smooth on the outside, soft enough when pressed to open - sign of ripeness.
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Food Assessor's Comment
A delicious fruit with essential nutrients, it's different parts are being used in the treatment of many diseases & disorders too numerous to mention. Known to be rich in antioxidants, low in calories, rich in vitamins & minerals. Could be a bit pricey but well worth every penny.

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