Mango (Ripe)

by Rose Montano in Philippines
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Mango (Ripe)

Mango (Ripe) Mango (Ripe) photo4 title

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What you see
Golden yellow, heart shaped fruit with tints of green & black spots.
No sound
Sweet scent emanating from the stem area, sweet smell turns richer as the fruit is sliced
Sweet succulent tasting & juicy upon biting into the fleshy meat of the fruit
Soft to the touch but not mushy, skin is smooth & tough on the outside, flesh inside is soft & pulpy
Quantity  3 (three)
Food Assessor's Comment
Philippine Mangoes are some of the sweetest fruits one can ever try. Mangoes are rich in minerals & vitamins such as Vitamin A & E. & a great source of fiber. Because of it's juiciness, they are made into shakes or smoothies, pureed & added to sauces or dishes including ice cream. Made into cakes, candies or chips & can be dried, preserved or pickled.

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