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by user 174 • Id 256 • from Yummychami's Garden • 131 views • 5 years ago
Good use for cooking specially on sauces and stews, it also goes well when you bake breads...more

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by user 174 • Id 265 • from Yummychami's Kitchen • 109 views • 5 years ago
Curly Parsley are usually used as garnish but still has great flavor, great in salads, pastas or dips. Another type of Parsley is the Italian or Flat Parsley which is commonly ...more

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Apple (Fuji)
by user 439 • Id 748 • from Philippines • 57 views • 5 years ago
Fuji Apples originated in Japan, by cross breeding 2 American apple varieties: Ralls Janet & Red Delicious. It's sugar & water content makes it wonderful for eating, cooking,...more

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