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by user 69 • Id 110 • from Sydney, Australia • 321 views • 10 years ago
This apple has been kept out in the open for 3 weeks, it is losing it is colour and has developed a brown spot which is soft to touch. (See picture). Wondering if it is okay to...more

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Pink Lady apple
by user 63 • Id 213 • from Coogee, NSW, Australia • 315 views • 9 years ago
Pink Lady apple, grown in Western Australia. Given in a fruit basket in late December 2013. May have left them too long without eating....more

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Cocor Bebek (Miracle Leaf)
by user 227 • Id 632 • from Indonesia • 257 views • 9 years ago
These leaves can be used to relieve headache, cold, inflammation and hypertension. We can blend them and put some honey to reduce their smell....more

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by user 175 • Id 699 • from philippines • 257 views • 9 years ago

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by user 71 • Id 147 • from Randwick, New South Wales • 235 views • 9 years ago
This grapefruit was purchased from a local grocery store three days before it was consumed....more

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Soursop flower
by user 227 • Id 602 • from Indonesia • 229 views • 9 years ago
Hopefully, this flowers grow well and I'll have some soursops in a few weeks....more

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by user 227 • Id 692 • from Indonesia • 219 views • 9 years ago
Guava contains a lot of Vitamin C and antioxidant. Consuming guava juice every day can make our skin healthy and fresh....more

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Ashitaba Herb
by user 294 • Id 424 • from Marikina • 216 views • 9 years ago
ASHITABA HERB is one of the most popular plant today. It can cure some of diseases. It is good for those who has highblood pressure, upset stomach, can cure pimples by eating 2...more

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by user 175 • Id 719 • from philippines • 200 views • 9 years ago

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by user 227 • Id 694 • from Indonesia • 193 views • 9 years ago
There are some other variants similar to Duku, such as Pundong, Langsep, and Kokosan. However, Duku is the sweetest among them....more

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