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by user 69 • Id 283 • from Sydney • 304 views • 5 years ago
Checking the ripeness of these tomatoes kept at Maloneys Grocer is a bit tricky with shades of green and red on a tomato. ...more

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Passion fruit
by user 69 • Id 274 • from • 172 views • 5 years ago
Was wondering how to assess a passion fruit. Due to its hard outer shell, unable to identify the ripeness! Help..!...more

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by user 69 • Id 218 • from Sydney • 153 views • 5 years ago
Shopping at Meloneys Grocer, Coogee. Selecting a Kiwi with optimum ripeness has always confused me- should it be firm or soft to touch? Some one educate me please!...more

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by user 439 • Id 737 • from Philippines • 99 views • 4 years ago
A delicious fruit with essential nutrients, it's different parts are being used in the treatment of many diseases & disorders too numerous to mention. Known to be rich in anti...more

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by user 71 • Id 79 • from Randwick • 88 views • 5 years ago
Eggplant oxidized quickly after being cut into and was consumed quickly to enjoy optimal ripeness....more

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by user 114 • Id 141 • from Kensington, Sydney, Australia • 75 views • 5 years ago
This bunch of banana was bought from Coles a week back. It developed spots, indicating it is ripening. On eating realized that it is extremely sweet, which meant it is ripe. W...more

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