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Green chili peppers/siling haba
by user 174 • Id 226 • from Yummychami's kitchen • 235 views • 8 years ago
It gives so much flavor and kick to a dish, salads, sandwich, sauces, and dips...more

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Green bell pepper
by user 174 • Id 223 • from Yummychami's kitchen • 139 views • 8 years ago
I love the taste of bell peppers, it is also rich in fiber and anti-oxidant. I never run out of bell peppers in our fridge :-) ...more

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a naga "king chilly"
by user 278 • Id 378 • from nagaland india • 138 views • 8 years ago
A naga "king chilly" from my kitchem garden...more

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