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by user 234 • Id 369 • from penang • 209 views • 7 years ago
good for making jam ...more

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by user 231 • Id 327 • from • 190 views • 7 years ago
we saw elaichi plant in munnar. as the procedure of making elaichi is a complicated process it is not like so...more

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chilli padi ( bird's eye chilli )
by user 234 • Id 341 • from penang • 168 views • 7 years ago
one of the main ingredients in making sambal , a salad made using chilli padi seasoned with salt, lime juice and belacan ( a paste made with shrimps or small prawns )....more

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Trinidad Scorpion Peppe
by user 303 • Id 439 • from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. • 159 views • 7 years ago
In Trinidad and Tobago this chilli pepper is used in the preparation of extremely spicy food or in the making of hot sauces where it is ground and mixed with green papaya, garl...more

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by user 227 • Id 636 • from Indonesia • 112 views • 7 years ago
We can use this lemon fruit for making some lemon tea or lemon ice. The taste is so fresh and refreshing....more

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