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Dragon fruit
by user 227 • Id 525 • from Indonesia • 159 views • 4 years ago
It can be eaten directly. It also can be made as fruit soup. Just add some syrup or condensed milk, you'll have a fresh and yummy dragon fruit soup....more

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by user 62 • Id 654 • from Orange City, NSW • 103 views • 4 years ago
It was fresh as its directly from the orchard that I visited last week....more

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Red apple
by user 62 • Id 665 • from Orange, NSW • 83 views • 4 years ago
It was really fresh as it was directly from the tree....more

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by user 227 • Id 746 • from Indonesia • 58 views • 4 years ago
Orange contains a lot of vitamin C. We can eat it directly or make it into orange juice....more

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