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by user 69 • Id 110 • from Sydney, Australia • 321 views • 10 years ago
This apple has been kept out in the open for 3 weeks, it is losing it is colour and has developed a brown spot which is soft to touch. (See picture). Wondering if it is okay to...more

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Green Apple
by user 69 • Id 340 • from Sydney • 134 views • 10 years ago
Confused what the white spots all over the skin are! Is it safe to consume? Kept this apple out for two weeks after purchase, but it gradually developed these white spots! ...more

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by user 114 • Id 141 • from Kensington, Sydney, Australia • 75 views • 10 years ago
This bunch of banana was bought from Coles a week back. It developed spots, indicating it is ripening. On eating realized that it is extremely sweet, which meant it is ripe. W...more

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