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by user 199 • Id 309 • from backyard • 210 views • 5 years ago
Malunggay leaves are rich in nutrients and minerals. The leaves are use as vegetable ingredients for soups, herbal medicine and to clean cooking utensils....more

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Lemon tree
by user 302 • Id 611 • from Lowveld region, South Africa • 167 views • 5 years ago
To see the difference between a lime and a lemon (when they are small) is not easy, it is easier to smell the difference, take some of the rind and smell.. ...more

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Tromboncino Zucchini
by user 280 • Id 387 • from Queensland, Australia • 127 views • 5 years ago
Roast it up, add it to pies, sauces and even good for pickling...more

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by user 371 • Id 718 • from Philippines • 124 views • 5 years ago
There are many benefits of lemons rich in vitamins c. help for digestion treatment for cough . reduce high blood pressure , liver cleansing...more

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by user 174 • Id 267 • from Yummychami's Kitchen • 106 views • 5 years ago
It is used as medicinal plant, can cure colds, coughs, anti-inflammatory, just bruise the white part and let it boil with leaves (make sure it is clean) until the water is almo...more

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Apple (Fuji)
by user 439 • Id 748 • from Philippines • 57 views • 5 years ago
Fuji Apples originated in Japan, by cross breeding 2 American apple varieties: Ralls Janet & Red Delicious. It's sugar & water content makes it wonderful for eating, cooking,...more

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